One time setup. Infinite Apps.

Having to setup and configure a framework every single time you want to develop a new app is — we believe — a complete waste of time. E3 is designed so that you can get straight to business.

Step 1: Download or Clone The Code

The code is hosted on github and we recommend cloning the code so you can later update the framework easily with a git pull of the master branch. Alternatively you can download a zip folder of the source code here.

Create a new folder to unzip or clone the EvolutionSDK folder into. Make sure PHP has full read/write access to this directory. Learn more about security/permissions.

Step 2: Configure Apache Virtual Host and DNS

Setup a virtual host and local DNS url (editing your hosts file) for http://evolutionsdk.eo.

Example VHOST Config

Step 3: Setup Your First App

Visit http://evolutionsdk.eo and follow the instructions to setup your first application.

What You'll See

Download Evolution
System Requirements
PHP >= 5.3
Apache >= 2.0
MySQL >= 5.1
Apache mod_rewrite ~
PHP mbstring ~
PHP pcre ~